About Me

I am from Massachusetts and currently live in Brooklyn, NY. I’m the data scientist at Tumblr, working on the Search & Discovery team.

I built Sifter, a framework for A/B and multi-armed bandit testing, and contributed a chapter to Bad Data Handbook, published by O’Reilly Media in 2012.

You can also find me at these places:


I’ve spoken about things a few times. Here are some of them:

Data Driven NYC | November 2013
An evening of short talks along with Hilary Mason (Accel), Blake Shaw (Foursquare), and Gilad Lotan (Betaworks).

NYC Machine Learning Meetup | October 2013
"Introduction to Digital Signal Processing in Hadoop"

Big Boulder | June 2013 | Boulder, CO
A panel called “Data Scientist and Social Data” with data scientists from Twitter, Pinterest and Gnip.

Big Data Techcon Conference | April 2013 | Boston, MA
Keynote talk about designing products with data analysis in mind.

NYC Data Science Meetup | March 2013 | NYC
"Data at Tumblr" overview of the analytics stack at Tumblr. 

DataGotham Conference | September 2012 | NYC
A panel about being the first Data Scientist at a startup, with Roberto Medri (Etsy) and Fred Benenson (Kickstarter). Moderated by Hilary Mason (bitly).

The picture up there was taken at the DataKind/NYC Parks DataDive.